Monday, October 22, 2012

Spelling Words

Quick question for you, teacher friends!

If you do a weekly spelling test, how do you let the parents know what the words are?

Just wondering. :)


  1. I send the home on the weekly newsletter I send home on Fridays. This week I'm starting some spelling homework on Monday's and weds and they will get the words then.

  2. They see the list when it goes home with the kids on Monday night :)

  3. I send home a weekly list on Monday. My coworker sends hers on Friday. You can see all my spelling lists at this link: This is my web page for my families.

    Little Priorities

  4. I always send them home on Monday in my weekly newsletter, but I also send home a list inside a miniature folder that has a list for the students to work with along with other vocabulary they are working on.

  5. I teach spelling patterns, but I do mostly individualized spelling by need. I don't send a list home.

  6. My kids have a "Word Wizards" booklet. Every Monday I introduce the phonics pattern for the week and we brainstorm words on the "Focus" page. Then they take a pretest. I grade those and make individualized study lists based on how they did. This is in their Word Wizards book too. They take them home to study, so that's how the parents get the words.

  7. They're on the weekly newsletter on Mondays and we test on Fridays.
    Now I'm curious . . .


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