Monday, May 2, 2011

Comic Strip Summaries

Over the weekend, I was looking at our upcoming Social Studies section and realizing that it was over ten pages long with a TON of information in it. I knew that if I had the students read the section alone and answer questions, there was no way they were going to take it all in or remember it at all! So I decided to take a different route - which also allowed me to incorporate an important reading strategy!

I split the class into three groups, assigned each group a subsection, and asked them to read it together. Afterwards, they summarized the section in the four most important events and created a four-panel comic strip illustrating their subsection.
This worked out really well. None of the students had more than three or four pages to read, and they were able to find the important pieces and illustrate them. When they were finished, we attached them to the side chalkboard and they presented their comic strips. We'll leave the strips up through the test so that the students can review the section quickly and easily!

Also this week is Teacher Appreciation Week! I got this pretty card from our school secretary and a bag of fun teacher-y stuff from our Parent Teacher Partnership.
That made me smile today. :)

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