Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Day AND Good News!!

Today was a great day in my life!

It started out with a party my students threw for me because it was my last day as their long-term sub.
Their teacher had a baby back in March and she will be back tomorrow. I brought doughnuts and orange juice for the kids, and they brought a cake, chips, and cookies for everybody! They also hid in the science lab where they had blown up balloons and written messages to me on the whiteboard. This would have been surprising if I didn't see them sneaking in there as I was walking down the hall... haha!
Here is my ice-cream cake!

One student also brought his Wii with Just Dance and Wii Sports so it was a pretty exciting morning for the kids as they threw balloons at each other and danced like crazy people.

So close to the right spelling... as least they got the 2 Fs in there.

Right after that, they went to Art and I went down to the principal's office to sign my contract for next year!! I am officially going to be the first/second grade teacher in the school! I will probably only have 12 students, so we'll be a close group. :) I'll be piloting a new reading program next year, Superkids, and the principal ordered first and second grade sample kits for me to peruse in my free time! I can't WAIT until they get here!!

Also, when I looked in the room I'll have for next year, I noticed that the current first/second grade teacher doesn't have a "carpet" area where I've seen teachers do whole-group instruction and read-alouds. I'd really like to rearrange to room to account for a carpet area, and I was really wanting a whiteboard easel to write on and display big books and such. Today, when I mentioned this to the teacher next door, she graciously offered me her whiteboard easel that is just taking up space in her room!!

So, all in all, it was a fabulous day! I will really miss those seventh and eighth graders though!


  1. Glad you had a good day! That was really nice of that teacher :o)

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!


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