Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Love Text Spelling

I need to take a break from checking two weeks' worth of first and second grade math papers... so I will share something fun that we did this week to practice our spelling words!

First, if you haven't heard of Teacher Tipster, you seriously are missing out. I probably could watch his videos all day... here is a little sample for you!

This week, I tried out my first Teacher Tipster tip! I saw this on someone's blog (I can't remember whose!!) and followed it back to the Printables section of the Teacher Tipster website. I printed out his Blackberry-like templates for the kids to practice their spelling words. I have a very chatty and noisy class, but you would have been amazed at the focus they had during Text Spelling this week.

If I could get them to be that engaged all day, I would just hug myself. Oh also in this picture, you can see one friend who had his phone taken away because he was whining that he didn't get the color he wanted. We don't whine in first and second grade. :)

I'm going to add this to the Word Work station of Daily Five, if I ever get around to introducing it... I really fell off the Daily Five train. Maybe I can get myself back on again!


  1. What a fabulous idea! I may just have to borrow it ;)

  2. I love this idea. I'm sure my kinders would go crazy over "texting" their sight words. How have I never heard of the Teacher Tipster before?! He is hilarious-especially his lining up song!
    Keen on Kindergarten

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