Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Celebrating Spring

Perhaps you remember that on Friday afternoon, that is 4 days ago, it snowed crazily by my house.

Well, as Chicago weather often does, it turned itself around and we had a BEAUTIFUL day today!! What do we do when the weather is nice? We take a walk, of course! Sadly my phone refused to take pictures... so I will repost this old walk picture!
It pretty much looked like this... except everyone was wearing winter coats and there were no leaves... But it was 65 and AMAZING outside. Seriously the best way to end the day.

Can you take your class for a walk whenever you want? Our parents sign a walking field trip form at the beginning of the year so I can take them out whenever.

Yesterday we made our March math quilt! It went amazingly, which was unusual for a math quilt day and unusual for a Monday. Here's what I did differently this time...

  • I played Celine Dion and told them it was "relaxing music." Haha! They were so into it until my CD started skipping... 
  • I did not make a sample ahead of time. I doubt this had anything to do with it but that is something different!
  • I made them cut all of their pieces before they glued any of them down. In the past, I have shown them the cut and then just let them go.
I'm pretty sure it was bullet number 3 that made the difference. They were intently cutting. The cutting was also a lot better than usual! So maybe it was the pre-cutting... maybe it's because this was our 4th one and they are getting it now... who knows.

So pretty! Except for the disgusting coloring on my phone. Sigh.

And! Staci from Let's Teach Something gave me a Top 10 award today! Thanks Staci! Be sure to check out her blog. :)

Last thing - thank you for birthday month wishes from my Currently post! And for your comments from my exercise ball post! And for checking out Taylor, Molly, and Laura. :) You all are the bomb dot com!!


  1. Wasn't today's weather crazy! So appreciated, I still have energy and it's 10:35!!! Your quilt is amazing! I haven't seen this done before, and will give it a try! Thanks for sharing...OH and due to ISATs I couldn't let my kids go or a run this afternoon - didn't want to bother/torture the students who were taking the test.
    Mrs. Castro's Class 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style

    1. You should check out Reagan's quilt pack. Her patterns are awesome and my kids really look forward to the quilt every month now! They also like to predict what next month's colors and decorative square will be. I love it!!!

  2. LOVE your spring pics. We've had a relatively mild winter here, but we've been dumped on the last few days. Hoping the next few days of mild temperatures melts some of this SNOW!!!

    Runde's Room

  3. I am DYING to make our March quilt!!!
    I think I am going to prep it today after school and go for it tomorrow!!!
    It came out great! I think they are just better at it. I always let them go but I walk them through each cut and I over talk how I don't want ANY white to show!!!!!

  4. Such a cute blog! If you get a chance head over to my new 2nd grade blog. http://secondgradeperks.blogspot.com/


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