Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looky in My Lunchbox!

Today I am here to show you my lunchbox! Thank you to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for hosting!

My lunch bag is a Rachael Ray bag. My boyfriend's mom got it for me for my birthday last year. I really like it because it has long handles so I can carry it like a purse when I take the kids down to the lunch line. My old one had shorter handles so I was always juggling things. I also like it because it is VERY roomy.
Here is what I ate today. It is a pretty typical lunch for me even though it is not usually set up on a plate since I am on spring break. I have a tuna sandwich on rye bread (MY FAVE), veggie chips, and an orange. If I was at school, I would also have a little carton of chocolate milk. Yum yum calcium!
A few days a week I eat the school hot lunch because we can eat it for free.

As far as my lunch situation... we start school at 8:10 and we eat at 11:30. So it's a perfect time, I think! The whole school eats together in the cafeteria and all 5 teachers eat in the little teachers' lounge upstairs. I usually stay and eat from 11:30 to 11:50ish and then I go back to my room so I can get things ready for the afternoon. Recess goes until 12:15 so all together I have 45 minutes for lunch and recess unless it's Thursday, when I have recess duty from 11:50-12:15.

That's my lunch story! How about you?


  1. You're making me hungry. :)
    All 5 teachers?? ALL 5 Teachers? Wow!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Haha! I was going to write "all the teachers eat in the lounge" but then it made it sound like we had a football field sized lounge or something. So it's important to point out that there are only 5 classroom teachers. :)

  2. LOL Jill! We have 6 teachers per grade level and that now that we shrunk! We use to have 9 per grade level with 24 students preK - 5th. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for linking up:))) Wowza! 5 teachers? Like, in the grade level or the entire school??? So you have recess duty only once? That's cool! We do every day. I'm thinking very soon we are going to have to eat with the kids every day due to budget cuts:/

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. 5 teachers? What? That's crazy. AND free school lunch. Nice.
    That's a nice long lunch, too. Awesome. Ours is short. {30 min.} The price for school lunch is twice the amount the kids pay, for the same amount of food. {still don't get that} Our lunches are staggered 10 minutes apart for each grade level with 2-3 teacher per grade level. 6 years ago it averaged about 5-6 teachers per grade level.

    Thankfully, we have "noon aides" that cover lunch duty for us.

  5. 5 teachers. What a great little school family that will make! When I began teaching we were small with 2-3 teachers per grade level. Now we are up to 4-7 in each grade.

  6. Hi Jill!

    Thanks so much for your comment! I just started my homework club this month and it has been a huge motivator! I have in on my list of things to blog about, so maybe in the next few weeks I will have more info up about! That's amazing to have a school with only 5 teachers! Is it a K-4 school? Mine is K-8 with one class per grade so we have 9 teachers, but that's almost double the size of your faculty! Hope you are enjoying your spring break!

    Lessons with Laughter

    1. I think I need to write about my tiny school tomorrow!! Everyone is so interested, haha.

      My school is a PreK-8 school, except I didn't count the PreK teacher in the number since she is part-time. Our enrollment is really low so almost all of our classrooms are combined, which is exactly why our faculty is half the size of yours!!

  7. 5 teachers!! We have 5 per grade level :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  8. Found you through Tara's Lunch Box Linky! I LOVE tuna sandwiches :)

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance.



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