Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Classroom Shopping!

Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files (one of my very favorite blogs!!) is hosting a linky party about classroom shopping. I am typically a very light shopper - I hate to spend money. However...... this summer is becoming a bit different! Where shall we start...

After reading about the Making Words folders on What the Teacher Wants, I knew I wanted to make them! I got these heavy-duty file folders from Staples - they were $2 for 12! Since I only have 14 students next year, this was a great deal for me!
 Here is a little pile of the things I have just purchased in the last couple of days! I got the bee notepad for my BEE binders that I will have for my students. I finally found the ASL alphabet that I was dying to have at my teacher store along with the bee notepad. From Target, I got the jumbo bulletin board border of the apples. Some of the apples have paisley print in them, Vera Bradley style! I also got the pencil baskets to make mini chalkboard holders (inspired by Ladybug's Teacher Files whiteboard holders). Inside the basket is a bag of lacing beads for pattern making. And lastly, the inflatable bee!!! I wasn't really planning on having a theme this year (I wanted to focus more on actually teaching...) but I feel called to have bees everywhere!!
 I picked up most of this stuff from a school closing sale. I got about 30 geoboards (hopefully there aren't any in my room already...). I also have a bunch of Uno games and a couple of decks of cards. Then there is a little container of small dice and big dice! I got an amazing deal on this stuff because they needed to sell everything from their school.
 Here are some of my games! I'm going to use Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders to make sight word games and math games for math work stations. The Leap Frog box has a couple of math card games in it, and Cootie is for indoor recess! Not pictured is a counting money bingo game and a bilingual matching game (you'd match casa with house, for example, and there is a picture on each piece). Some of this stuff came from the Salvation Army, some from garage sales.
And of course, my book collection! I decided to put all of my books in a spreadsheet so I could stop duplicating books. I only got through the cardboard box shown here and the red plastic basket, and I'm already up to 76! I still have three boxes to go, plus everything the retired teacher left for me. Holy guacamole!!

So those are some of my recent purchases. Hopefully I can get into school soon and unload all of this stuff into my room!

Link up at Ladybug's Teacher Files!!


  1. Best of luck with your combo 1/2 class! I taught 2nd grade for years and now teach K so I know both ends of the spectrum! Don't spend too much money before you find out what you get at school, I spend way too much every year but the first few I spent thousands and wish I had saved some of that for me to go out and have fun! I have a lot of center ideas for 2nd on my old website misswhyte.com and I've begun posting my K-1st grade activities on my blog
    http://whytewater.blogspot.com/ Enjoy your summer and relax there's lots of support out on the web and the blogging world. A great resource to sign up for is the Second Grade Teacher's Club on NING. It's a 6,000+ teacher community with free resources I helped to start two years ago!

  2. Thanks for linking up! You are an organized shopper, I always feel so scattered in my purchases. Good luck with your setup! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! When I hit 100 folowers, I am going to be having a bee-themed giveaway. Check it out soon!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  4. Multiage was a blast! I taught K/1 for two years...If you don't get your book spreadsheet finished before school starts, that's a great task for a parent volunteer! If you wanted, you could break it up into two tasks...one parent to record the titles (on a sheet of paper or notebook) and one to type them...you would always have the paper copy in the horrid event that you lost the digital one!

  5. That's a great idea to have my spreadsheet be a parent job! The word on the street is that I'll have a parent next year who really likes to come into the classroom a LOT... so maybe I will keep a few things on hand for her to keep herself busy with. :)


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