Friday, August 3, 2012

August Currently


All right, back to school must-haves...

  1. Storage - I mentioned in my last post that I traded in my desk for a desk that's more table-y. No drawers, just a flat surface with legs. So I need to find some plastic drawers to fill up with my stuff! I think I also need to just buckle down and make the teacher toolbox that everyone has made this summer...
  2. My cousins - Kelley and Lisa came to help me last year with my bulletin boards and I really do not know what I would do without them! Kelley and I picked out borders last week and I am looking forward to seeing my whole room come together with their help!!!!!
  3. Lesson plan book - Obviously I need a new lesson plan book. Although the Erin Condren planners are incredibly tempting... I am moving out in 2 weeks so I am trying to save as much money as I can! Last year we were given lesson plan books by my school. I didn't like them at all so I bought a different one but this time I think I am going to just suck it up and use it... because it's free.
I went back in to school today! I made a to-do list so I wouldn't forget anything. Do you think it is long enough?
I did cross one thing off - labeling all of our consumable workbooks!
Do you use a lot of workbooks? After labeling all of them it appears that pretty much all I have is workbooks!!

My principal told me today that he is ordering two interactive whiteboards and one will be for me! I can't even tell you how ridiculously amazing this is, as I do not even have an overhead projector in my classroom! I am not holding my breath until I see it installed and plugged in, but the word on the street is that we are getting Starboards.
Does anyone out there have a Starboard?


  1. Have you ever designed your own lesson plan book? I always do mine in Excel and then copy the number of weeks that I need. But maybe you don't want one more thing for your to-do list... ;)


  2. Oooohhh neat! I have a Mimio...which reminds me of a Starboard/Smartboard. It is amazing!!!! I am so happy you will be getting one! It is mighty hot here in New York too!

    Be sure to visit my blog and become a follower over at

    Ms. D

  3. I have a Promethean board. The one you are getting and the one I have is very similar. One tip I have is let the students interact with it as much as possible!

    Good luck decorating your room.

    One Class, One Sound

  4. I have this one. But I got right at the end of school and haven't got to use it. What I did try I had to have the link on that machine, so I gave up. Will be excited to see what you do with yours. Keep me in mind if it is the same brand and we can learn together.

    My Blog

  5. You are so right about the heat! We had a slight drop in temperature today and were teased with a sprinkle. Hoping for so cool weather soon. Enjoy your interactive whiteboard. :-)

  6. Love fabric for bulletin boards. Looks so much cuter! Go to JoAnn when they have a sale and use your teacher discount! Then it is pretty affordable. Or fabric is always 30% off at Hobby Lobby!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  7. My list has got to be at least that long which is why I am refusing to write it all down. I don't think I could handle it. Congrats on the smartboard! I'm so excited for you. My principal promised me 5 iPads for my room, (no smartboard here either) but I'm like you...I've got to see them to believe them. Hooray for technology!! :)

    The Teaching Thief

  8. Oh we are so green right now! We desperately want a Smartboard but the upper grades are getting them first instead of us lil firsties :( So fabulous!

    We just spent a small fortune on fabric for our walls as well but sooooo worth it and we LOVE it! The colors are amazing and sure beats having to replace faded paper every year. Hit Joanns with coupons and teacher discount and it's not too bad.
    -Christy & Tammy

  9. Your a lucky girl to have cousins come and help you. Jealous! Congrats on your interactive whiteboard. Jealous again!
    Sheree Peterson


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