Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bulletin Boards!!

Today I brought my amazing cousins to school with me to help me decorate my room a little! It's crazy how much better my room looks with my bulletin boards covered and bright!

Here is my student work board! I got the Bravo idea from Pinterest, but I repinned it from someone and it's not linked to anyone specifically.... so if you made the Bravo board with the zebra print - you are amazing and I will be MORE than happy to give you credit! I found this shiny paper in a secret storage room downstairs. The black papers will be covered with student work soon. I think I will make some glittery clothespins to make them more exciting!! Also in this picture you can see my SUPER awesome ASL alphabet. It just warms my heart.
Here is my calendar board. I don't love it because it is so squeezed!! Also I think I need more things, like how many days we've been in school, however, I bought Cara Carroll's Calendar Companion, and it includes everything I want to do during calendar time. So maybe it doesn't necessarily need to be displayed? Thoughts?
This is my lunch board! The bottom three pockets say Cold Lunch, Milk, and Hot Lunch on them. Every morning, the students will come in and put the appropriate color slip in their pocket to tell me what they are ordering!
This is the tiny bulletin board right next to my desk. I'm going to use it as my space to put my diploma and other me-things. I also love this border because of the different languages!
Here is my clip chart which I got from the lovely Denise of Sunny Days in Second Grade! I love it because it is so colorful. I just jammed it into the top of my NON-magnetic whiteboard for now but I think I will hot glue it on before school starts so it's centered vertically.
I still have a couple more things to do but I am so happy with how everything turned out!!! My cousins are the bomb dot com! I realized that I have a lot of ideas in my brain, but carrying them out is not my strong suit. Kelley and Lisa are great at flattening out bulletin board paper and fabric and picking out good borders for the boards! This is us at Easter. :)
Tomorrow I have a training for my reading program, but I hope I get back early enough to bring these two lovely ladies back to school because we got so much done today!!!


  1. Your boards are gorgeous! How sweet of your cousins! I know I could never finish without my sister's help :)

  2. You're boards look great! Can I borrow your cousins? :)
    Funky First Grade Fun

  3. Jill- I can't figure out how to contact you so I am commenting on your blog! You WON!
    email me and I will send you the insect unit! :)


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