Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel!

We have had a crazy week with tons of interruptions for Christmas program practice. Today the kids were pretty good, all things considered, so I rewarded them with Adventure to Fitness (yeah!!) and I taught them how to play dreidel!

First, I read them Runaway Dreidel!
This was a good book! It covered a ton of stuff about Hanukkah, and it was set up to be a bit similar to The Night Before Christmas, and it rhymed, so the kids loved it. We did have to talk about how it was a fiction book and that a dreidel wouldn't really spin up the wall and down the street. This was very concerning to them...

Then I broke out the dreidel and the chocolate chips that we used to play!

Let me just tell you - in my 79 days of teaching these kids, I have never seen them be more focused and engaged on anything, ever! They were so into playing dreidel.

I picked up my dreidel at Party City for the low low price of 50 cents! I splurged on the wooden one and it spins beautifully. :)

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