Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our First Math Quilt

I heart Reagan and her awesome geometric math quilts!

Today was a crazy day. We had 30 minutes of tech, a combined 120 minutes of music, lunch and recess for a total of 60 minutes... I'm lucky I got anything done. What I'm really lucky for is the sweet geometric math quilts we made today! I stuffed Math in there somewhere!

They loved cutting the triangles to fit the pattern! And they thought the final quilt was so beautiful. Ours is tiny because we only have 12 people! One second grader was absent today so I made one to put on the quilt - otherwise it would be way smaller!
It was easy to teach them the cutting, and once I showed it to them, they took off on their own!! Also we don't have a die cutting machine, so I hand cut my trees during our crazy long music time.

When I told them that we'd do one every month, they were super excited! I am too. 

Also, I have a first grader who is pretty far behind the rest of the students in most of our content areas. I also usually have to give him directions a minimum of 5 times before he processes them and pays attention. But during our quilt-making today, I only had to show him once, and he did great! He had no problems figuring out how to turn the triangles to fit! I was so super proud of him and I think he felt great about himself too! Hooray for a project that incorporated a different type of intelligence!! And hooray for Reagan!!


  1. oh my gosh!!!!! YOU ROCK! The quilt came out fAB! I don't want to even talk about the number 12 but I love that you blogged about me. Holy Cow I have arrived!

  2. If it helps, my salary is really bad...?

  3. no that doesn't help cuz now i feel bad that you had to pay for the quilts... :( at least they are pretty cheap!!!!

  4. Haha!! I spent more on dinner tonight than I did on the quilts. And our December quilt is getting rave reviews from the other teachers at school and from my facebook friends who read my blog! Well worth the $4.40 I paid on Cyber Monday. :)

  5. I just got Reagan's quilt pack on black friday and we did our December one too! I'm excited for the rest of the year!

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  6. That came out great!!! I have spent many a year in a multiage classroom (4/5) and have been enjoying your take on teaching in school entirely multiage.

    Your newest (and 200th!!! WOW!!!) follower,
    Teaching in Room 6


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