Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beginnings and Endings

Before I forget, I want to share this AMAZING video with you all. Some of my kids were singing this today and I thought they made it up. I was so wrong!

Is your class obsessed with Sexy and I Know It? Mine is..... not appropriate....

Today I had a pop-in! It shouldn't have been a pop-in but I forgot that the assistant superintendent of our diocese was coming by today. Luckily I had something pretty sweet going on at the time!

In second grade, we've been learning random prefixes and suffixes over the course of the year. Do you typically do a whole prefix/suffix unit or something? Mine are just thrown in wherever.

Anyway, we played a little beginnings and endings game today. They got into teams and had to brainstorm words with a specific prefix or suffix for 2 minutes at a time. After 2 minutes, we came back together and read off our words like Scattergories, so a team only got a point if the other team didn't have the same word. I was the judge of made-up words, such as "loveful." My favorite word they came up with was "refinance" for the re- part of the game, haha! We also learned that "rerase" is not a word... life lessons.

They were REALLY into it! It was a near perfect pop-in lesson besides the extreme competitiveness that was exhibited. It's amazing how loud 5 second-graders can get... but at least they were yelling about literacy... right?


  1. Ahh that song is awesome! Do you have one for "Barbie Girl"?? Mine were singing that the other day. How do they even know what that song is?!?!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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