Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't linked up with Jamie in a LONG TIME! But today is the day to tell you what I'm loving!!
I'm loving that summer gives me a chance to read a lot! I love reading and this school year was kind of stressful, so all I wanted to do was NAP when I came home. I've already finished 5 books since school has been done! I just finished this book yesterday and it was fabulous - but I'd only recommend it if you want to think while you read it. It's not really a beachy book. :)
I'm loving that I FINALLY organized my sticker stash! I was inspired by Teri but I used an expandable file thingy for mine.

I'm loving that I found this amazing sticker sheet in my stash:
It's okay to be jealous; I would be if I were you. ;)

I'm loving taquerías!!!!! The family of one of my second graders owns a taquería/grocery store in the town where I teach, and I ate there yesterday for lunch when I went to school to clean my desk. It was MUY delicioso!
Okay, time to tell you what I'm NOT loving! Just one thing though. :)

I had this crazy dream last night about the first day of school! In my dream, I had 35 students, a crazy aide who was taking over the class, students who were taller than me in second grade, a TV whose buttons I couldn't reach, and one student who was a cyclops! Like straight out of Greek mythology. Also I had forgotten to plan for the first day, and only one of my second graders came back from last year.

I didn't think I was nervous about next year.... I guess my brain is telling me to step it up or something, haha!!

What are you loving today?


  1. That food looks delicious!
    I hate those dreams! I get them, too!

  2. That book looks neat! I'm definitely putting that on my list to read this summer.

    Third Grade in the First State

  3. I'm loving sun kissed skin, iPads and documentaries, passion and spirit, and my daughter's inappropriate jokes.

    Those taco-looking yummies look delicious!!

  4. I am for sure jealous of those Lisa Frank stickers. :0
    Stories From Second


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