Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Interviewing!

Today I was at school packing up my room (side note: not even close to being done. I think I have packing-up-ADD). My principal stopped by to say that he is going to order this bad boy for me for next year:
I am so super excited! I used this book in three different school districts in the past: the one where I student taught, the one where I was an aide, and one where I was a sub. The kids always LOVED this time of day regardless of district and my class this year really could've used the reinforcement on phonemic awareness skills. So I asked my principal if he could get it for me, and he said yes! Yay!

While he was in my room, he mentioned that he'd been interviewing people for the two positions we have open for the fall. Both are part-time - one is P.E. and one is an Art/Technology combination.

Then he asked if I would be interested in being the second round interviewer!!! That is pretty exciting for me and something I've never done before!

Have you interviewed before? What kinds of good questions should I ask?


  1. What a great opportunity for you! Here's a pin I pinned on pinterest. Hey, check out this pin on Pinterest:


  2. Congrats on being asked to interview. I use the Phonemic Awareness book too. (mine is the blue one) I love it. I think it is so helpful.


  3. Congrats! My principal has ordered me the same yellow book for me to use next year. I am super excited!

  4. Congrats! I am sure you will do wonderful. I have not seen that book before, so I will need to do some summer "studying". GOOD LUCK!!

  5. I interview a lot in my position. I always ask about the candidate's understanding of the level of learner that they will be teaching. For example, I recently asked about a candidate's understanding of the middle level child as a learner for a 7th grade position.
    Have fun with it!

  6. I always ask questions about what a person would do in the most difficult situation I can imagine for example, how would they handle a student with continual behavioral issues. I also like to know how they respond under stress/pressure.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach


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