Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Destination: Summer Vacation!

Today I'm linking up with my buddy Krista for her very first linky party! Yay!
Sadly, I am not a well-traveled person. However, that means I just love everywhere I go! I'm not picky. :)

Here are some favorite destinations of mine...

{Lake Geneva, Wisconsin}

Lake Geneva is a lovely little town not too too far from where I live. It is bit tourist-y, so it has your normal ice cream shops and cafes and boutique type of places. But it also has a HUGE lake that you can boat on! There is also a Lake Shore Path around the entire lake that you can walk on. You go through people's huge backyards and it is just really wonderful. Every house can make the path look however they want to, and one house made a really nice paved path with a fence that is covered with inspirational quotations. Here is a picture from a trip that my boyfriend and I took up there a few weeks ago!
Photo: Matt and I had a great time in Lake Geneva today! We walked on the Lake Shore Trail and one house had a fence covered with inspirational quotes. It was so wonderful!

{Oceanside, California}

I have family in southern California and it is the most BEAUTIFUL PLACE EVER. I want to marry it. When I go there I can't stop staring at everything. So many plants and flowers. And so many hills!!! It is so incredibly flat here, and I didn't realize that until I was in California.

{Illinois Beach State Park - Zion, Illinois}

This is another semi-local place I like to visit, although I have not gone yet this summer!!!! :( I definitely do not swim at this beach because Lake Michigan is FREEZING but the beach is gigantic and a great place to picnic, read, and just chill.

So there is a theme to my favorite destinations......... water and the beach!! Here is how I feel about the beach:

Go link up with Krista! I want to know where you go. :)


  1. Zion, Illinois....going to have to check this out!

  2. Thanks for linkin up girl! I, too, think I need to check out this Zion, IL beach deal. Seriously did not even know it existed? A possible beach day in our future perhaps ;)?

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