Saturday, July 21, 2012

Google Reader = Love

So the other day, I was on my way home from the Chicago blogger meetup with my buddies Laura and Krista when I found out that they didn't use Google Reader to read blogs.

This was crazy to me, because I really don't know how people can go though their lives without Google Reader. Seriously!
So let me tell you a bit about it. I actually started using it before I even read blogs. I was watching a technology webinar and they mentioned Google Reader. I don't even know what I was reading on it before blogs... but that is neither here nor there. :)

First, you have to have a Google account and be following blogs using Google Friend Connect. This sounds sort of complicated, but it's probably what you're already doing.
Next, if your Gmail window is open, look along the top of your window. You should see a "more" thing on the end. Click it!
Then you'll get a drop down. From there, pick Reader. It's right under Blogger!
Then it will open up Google Reader in a separate tab. All of your blogs should be there that you're already following using Google Friend Connect.

Here's what mine looks like right now! Only one unread. :)
If you want to read the post, click on All Items in bold on the left side and you'll see all of the posts in order of when they were posted by all of the bloggers that you follow. Kind of like the dashboard/reading list in Blogger, except Google Reader gives you the whole post instead of a snippet.

If you should happen to find a blog that doesn't have the Google Friend Connect following option, you can still use Google Reader to read their posts! Just click on the red Subscribe button and paste in the blog address. It will add it into the rest of your blogs!

If you want to comment on a post, you'll have to scroll back up to the post title. When you click on it, it will open the link in a separate tab or window so you can comment away!

What I love about Google Reader is that it keeps track of what you have read and haven't read. Also, if you are looking for resources for a specific topic or skill, you can just type what you're looking for into the Search Reader box toward the top of the page. For example, I just typed in "fact family" and I got 77 posts! Wow!

Also there's an app! So I peruse blogs when I'm just hanging out.

So it's pretty much awesome.

Do you use Google Reader and do you love it so much??


  1. I love Google Reader. But I had never even noticed the "Search Reader" box. That is going to be very helpful in the future! Thanks for that tip.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. So glad that you posted about this so that we could figure out how to do it ;)! Openin my eyes to a whole new world!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  3. You changed my blogging experience! Thanks Jill!

    Mrs. Castro's Class

  4. I've heard of Google Reader, but I couldn't get it to work on my phone awhile back and never really pursued, but just the other day I was thinking, "Blogger should have a way to keep track of what you have read and what you haven't." Uh... hello?!? Earth to me. Apparently, there is a way. Thanks for shedding some light on the issue for me.
    The Teaching Thief

  5. Oh gosh, I just clicked over to Google Reader and is said I have over 1,000 blog posts to read. Holy smokes!


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