Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

Here are my three favorites - font, blog, and online resource!

My Favorite Font
I'm not really big into spending money on fonts or clip art, so before I found CK Handprint I was just using the regular fonts on the computer. I do have the Fonts 4 Teachers pack too that my sister got for me. But CK Handprint is my new obsession. I use it on all of the students' work and parent notes home! It is just too cute and easy to read! Writing this reminds me that I need to type up my newsletter to send home tomorrow!
My Favorite Blog
Like everyone else, it is VERRRRRY hard to choose a favorite because I can think of so many! However, today I will give a shoutout to Hadar at Miss Kindergarten!

Ever since I saw her Etsy shop with her super cute signs, I wanted one so badly! I was going to wait until I got my first paycheck to buy one........ but I couldn't. So I ordered it last week and it came today! I love it so much. You should get one too! :) I'll update soon with a picture showing it in my classroom!!

My Favorite Online Resource
I, too, love Pinterest. I was happy when Google started the +1 thing, but I would never go look at the pages I "plus-oned." Pinterest is like a visual favorites bar! I also like it because it gives me an example when other people come to help me in my classroom or help me with a project. I haven't pinned anything in a while because school is consuming my life... but I do love it. :)

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What are your three favorites? Link up!

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