Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yay for Wednesday! It came fast this week for me.
I'm loving that I have been able to spend time in my classroom this week! I just wish I could have gone in earlier... but I definitely am making progress so I am feeling good about that!

I'm loving these baskets from the Container Store! There is an option to ship them to my nearest store, so I can avoid shipping costs, and I found a coupon code online that reduced my total by $10! Although I wish they were bright (as my room is extremely brown) I will just make my book basket labels colorful to make up for it!
I'm loving that the teacher before me left many good books in the classroom! I found many Kevin Henkes books and a few Skippyjon Jones books, as well as a TON of Junie B.'s!! This brightens my heart.

I'm loving that my next-door teacher friend came to school today. It was a big relief to go into her room and take a break every once in a while! Also we have big plans for our rooms - the kids won't know what hit them! I'm excited for her reading nook and couch!!

I'm loving that I found a rocking chair in the library at school that no one was using, and I asked my principal if I could have it, and he said yes! I was sort of looking for one this summer but I got too busy and forgot. But now I'm good! I just need to find some cute fabric to make cushions.

I'm loving my cute pupster. He got his hair cut today and he is cuter than ever!!
I'm loving that my library had Chrysanthemum so I can use it for the first day of school! I'm also loving that Mrs. M at The Techy Teacher posted a free name activity for the beginning of school! I am totally using it and she just made my day today. :)

And finally, I'm loving mi familia! My dad made my crate seats (I just have to buy fabric), my mom is just the bomb dot com, and my bro sat through me reading Chrysanthemum to him in the car on the way home from the library and didn't even complain! What a pal.
I had a question that I wanted to ask my teacher blog buddies but I totally forget now what it was... maybe tomorrow. :)


  1. FYI - those baskets are also sold at Target. the white ones are in the kitchen section and the colored ones are in the organizing section. I have them, love them, and they are all I use in my classroom. Truth be told I don't stack them, but I do love that they stack.
    Lessons Learned

  2. The after school program I work for was given CASES of hardcover junie b books along with other books. Other than giving them away as "prizes" (which the kids don't really seem to "go for" the books all that much) and reading them myself, I have no idea what to do with them. We don't have any kind of reading time in our program so for now they just sit there. If you're ever in Milwaukee and want multiple copies of "shipwrecked", "peep in her pocket" "stupid smelly bus" (i know we have at least those 3) let me know.
    ~Amber G


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