Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

I skipped day 2 of Teacher Week because I don't think I have much advice to give new teachers, as I am a new teacher!

I've already posted lots of pictures of my room in progress, which you can see here. So I will share a few I've taken recently (since school started).
My whole back wall is just windows and radiators, but I was able to use part of the space as display! And none of the backpack glyphs have fallen out the window yet, haha.
We really are bucket fillers! If you were to look at the notes, you'd see that I have a heartthrob who gets notes from all the girls that say, "I love you" or are covered with hearts. I definitely need to implement the class checklist to make sure everyone's buckets are being filled...

This was yesterday - and it was a great day! No one ended up under Ready to Learn, and we had our first Super Student! Now he is obsessed with being Super Student every day, ay caramba. But if it makes my day easier, then he can go ahead and do that.
I finally printed off the Word Wall letters and book basket labels I got from Christie at Teaching in Flip Flops. It only took me 7 days of school! We have two open houses in the next week, so these little things that I was putting off needed to get done!
Here's a closeup of the word wall letters. I LOVE THEM! I want to change my classroom theme to zebras next year because I love her stuff so much.
Here are some of our personal goals for this year. The second graders wrote things like "get to Super Student" or "learn cursive" and the first graders wrote things like "eat lots of food" and "soccer ball" ... who am I to crush their dreams?
And here are our prayer requests. I saw this idea in our diocese's newspaper, and I will share it with you (in case you teach in a religious school and could use this idea)! The students traced their tiny hand onto a piece of construction paper and then wrote one prayer request on each of their fingers. We brainstormed ideas first, like praying for poor people, sick people, earthquake victims, our families, and so on. Although most of them traced their fingers into tips (which looks a little weird), they look pretty good and we can refer back to them throughout the year if we need to.
And here is the whole view of the front board. We have these strangely shaped cork board sections above our whiteboards because the whiteboards were just attached onto the old chalkboards, and the whiteboards aren't the same size. So, to the left and right of this picture are bigger sections of cork board, and that's where I'll put the titles of each section (our goals and prayer requests). Also in this picture, you can see the tissue paper flower that I made thanks to Meredith at Keen on Kindergarten. I have four in my room but they are spread out and it's hard to see them all in a picture! The kids love them. Oh, in this picture you can also see our first Daily Five anchor charts near the floor on the left side!

That's enough for now. Remember to check here for more pictures. :) And link up with Blog Hoppin' to see much more beautiful rooms than mine, haha!

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