Saturday, August 6, 2011

More (Unfinished) Classroom Pictures

This week, I was able to go in on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to start working on my room. On Thursday and Friday, I made a list of everything I had to do..... and I was super stressed. So I went in today with my brother (and my parents joined us later) to get a lot done. And I think we got a LOT done!

My brother finished up my crate seats! And you can see my stacks of books in the background...
And here they are, finished around my circle table! I ended up using three different fabrics for my six seats. The first one was from a skirt I started making in high school, the second fabric is a Go Green print (yeah!), and the third is a school one!
Here is a a close-up of the bookshelf behind the circle table. It is still pretty empty, but I'll keep my students' hardcover reading books in here once they come in. I'm keeping my caddies on top. I bought four but I only have three tables.... oh well.
I moved my computers so that they weren't blocking the bulletin board anymore. And, dedicated readers will be pleased to know that the computer table covers up my creepy green people!!!
Here is my little rocking chair and easel. My bulletin boards clearly are not done yet. Also I need to replace the cushion on the rocking chair, as I think it was made for a lawn chair.
My mom figured out a great way to hold my tiny chalkboards so the students can get to them fast! This black cabinet is where I found the huge stack of records the other day.
And lastly, here is my desk! Do you love my gigantic monitor? Yeah, me too...
And now, a question for you: what can I use this pocket chart for? I've never seen one without clear pockets! We put books in the pockets so you can see how deep the pockets are. Please help me!!
And..... a final treat! My mom and I went to the county fair yesterday and I found this cow who was clearly named after me. She is a big mama at the tender age of 2.
More pictures to come next week, between institutes and trainings and all that jazz. Next Wednesday is classroom decorating day with my cousins!!


  1. Glad you have others that can help you!! You asked what that pocket chart could be used for- here are a few ideas-
    *use them for your guided reading/math group folders (yourself). Use clip badges to label them. You would need 8 pockets if you had four groups each. If you get different color folders, you can tell at a glance which folder you need.
    *use a pocket for sub info and again label it. *use it to store the materials you need for each day of the week and label them Monday, Tuesday etc
    *use for "needs to be copied" "needs to be filed" "needs to go to office" etc.
    *use it to store books on cd/tape.
    *label it with kids names and use it for a work to be finished folder holder or journal notebooks, centers etc

    Hope this gives you some ideas!
    Primary Connections

  2. I LOVE your stools around your table - I've seen them all over the place and wish I had room in my classroom for a table just so I could have these stools. You could use the pocket chart for student portfolios - they get to choose what work they want to put in it, and use them for student led conferences.
    Runde's Room

  3. So nice to come across a fellow multiage teacher. Best wishes to you!

  4. Haha! You win for using computers to cover the green people!

    So jealous about your easel!!! I want one like that so bad; mine's from Lakshore and can't hold chart paper easily.

    That pocket chart is awesome. The suggestions above are great, I'm a fan of having an organized place for ongoing work. Also, f you don't have mailboxes maybe you could use the pockets to store papers for daily/weekly take home folders?

    Thanks for the update!

    The Kinder Kid

  5. You could use them as mailboxes to make it easy to pass back papers. If your students have take-home folders/planners/binders/calendars/communication logs you could have them put them in their corresponding pockets each morning as part of their unpacking routine. You could use the top ones that the students can't reach as your pockets to keep extra materials for new students, extra copies of letters that you send home, lessons that you have copied and ready to go. You could use puffy paint to write numbers on each pocket so students know which is theirs.

    Having Fun K-1


  6. I LOVE your seats at the circle table!


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