Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Blog!!

One year ago on this very day I started my little blogaroo!

You have been with me through a lot! This includes...
And so much more!

As I've said before... my school community is miniature and so having you all out there to support me has been crazy awesome. Seriously, CRAZY AWESOME.

So as a thank you, I'm having my very first giveaway! Yay!!!!!!!!

You have a chance to get the Teacher Tipster's Musical Morning Routine DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I just said yesterday, I love this DVD so, so much. If you want to make your morning routine more interactive, more happy, and more fun - then this is for you! Even if you have the best morning routine EVER, you might learn a few new little songs and fun ways to recognize student achievement!

Here's the promo video if you're wondering what it's all about!
In the DVD, he tells us that his morning routine covers up to 100 skills a day. 100!!!! A day!!!!

So, if you want to win, here's the scoop!

All you need to do is follow me (thanks!!!!) and leave me a comment. In this comment please tell me two things...
  1. That you follow me
  2. Your favorite Teacher Tipster video!! I know I haven't seen them all. :)
So that is just one comment!

If you'd like another chance, feel free to write about my giveaway in your blog or on facebook! Or wherever! You can only get 1 extra chance for this. Two chances in all if you wish! Leave me a comment for that too with the link where you shared it. :)

This blog birthday giveaway will end this Friday, April 20 at 2:40 PM - the very minute that my weekend begins. Good luck friends!!! The Teacher Tipster rules, and you will be so happy if you win!! :)

Thanks again for being there for me! <3


  1. aw - happy birthday, my dear Jill!!
    I would love to see how this works in my class!
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  2. I follow you. My favorite is the vowel teams video where he explains what happened at Harvard.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. I am a new blog follower!! I have never heard of Teacher Tipster (until now). I have now watched several and so far, I love "The baby is sleeping" and "Hallway Song 2." Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Happy Blogaversary! I am a follower!

  5. Happy Blogaverary! I love all his tips but the self control bubble is pretty great! I'm not officially entering because I'm giving it away too but I just wanted to come say Hi!

  6. Happy Blogaversary! Of course I follow you :)

    I love his tips...I really like his rock phonics video.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  7. Hello ! I am a follower! I teach Kindergarten in NYC and would live this for my kiddies!! The vowel video is super cute!!

  8. I follow you faithfully! :)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Teacher Tipster and might possibly have a crush on him. I can't pick a favorite video but I love taking things "TO THE NEXT LEVEL" with my kids!!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. Happy Blog Birthday! I follow you of course.

    Goodness... I don't think I can pick one favorite...I have so many.

    First Grade Delight

  10. Happy Blogiversary. Amazing how much can happen in one year, eh? I haven't been here for a year, but I've followed you since I have!
    I CANNOT choose just one video. I love everything Teacher Tipster! Seriously, LOVE!
    Dragonflies in First

  11. Happy Blogiversary!! I love teacher kids think he is a hoot!!

  12. I love the Teacher Tipster line up chants!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  13. I love the Teacher Tipster, especially smelling and blowing on hot chocolate. My kiddos have even offered me hot chocolate once or twice when I needed it! I would love to see his DVD. I just started my blog last week and would love for you to stop by. (I follow you, and have for several months.)

  14. Happy Blog-o-versary! I just found your site from the TBA giveaways page and am your newest follower! I love all the teacher tipster videos....the first one that comes to mind is the cup stacking math facts one. Oh, and the dice game in the dip trays from the dollar store! :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  15. I just blogged about your wonderful giveaway!

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

  16. Happy anniversary! That's exciting! I follow your blog. :)
    First Class with Mrs. Mac

  17. I am a new follower! There is NO way I can choose just ONE of his videos. He is fabulous! :o)

    jennkeys @ gmail . com

  18. I follow you wonderful blog....thanks for all you share.
    My favorite Teacher Tipster for today is....the one about the color wheel helping to teach subtractions...can we say AWESOME!!!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  19. I am a new follower and love your blog! I would love to look into this whole morning meeting deal!

  20. Happy Blog Birthday!!

    I definitely follow your blog!

    And I *love* Teacher Tipster. He cracks me up!! I like the "Where's the Puppy? Sight Word Game" starring Duncan Smith (his dog). Too cute!

    First Grade Garden

  21. I'm now following you, and I've actually never heard of Teacher Tipster, but I'm really interested in hearing more!


  22. I'd never heard about until you spoke about it a few posts ago, but I think it looks fantastic! I can't believe how energetic and fun that guy is. I would love to win one of his DVD's so I could use some of the same songs.


  23. Happy Birthday to your blog! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...


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