Saturday, July 16, 2011

DIY Mini-Erasers

Today I started my first DIY project for my classroom! I've seen so many other sweet projects so I am happy that I finally did one myself.

When I went in to see my classroom a few months ago, I was poking around in the cabinets and found that I have a stash of mini-chalkboards. Not whiteboards, like probably everyone else has... but tiny chalkboards. To go with tiny chalkboards, I thought I needed some tiny erasers! So I looked around online and I found this sweet pattern. I just pinned it today to my new Pinterest board!

I started with a yard of cotton batting, which I found in a roll at Walmart for $3.49 a yard. A yard will make 27 erasers, which is WAY more than I need. But extra can't hurt. :)

 I pretty much followed the directions from the link above. I didn't sew in quite as many parallel lines because.... I am lazy. Also I did not cut the edge with pinking shears (even though that is SUPER cute) because I didn't really have enough fabric outside of my sewing lines to cut. But I think they still look nice!
I am super proud of my tiny erasers!! I just started using Pinterest today, but if you'd like to follow me, that would be lovely. :)

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