Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Before I start, let me preface by saying that this week has been not fun. We had huge wind and lightning storms on Monday which led to a power outage which is still going on now - Wednesday morning! Our house is out of power AND water, because I'm on a well. Luckily, most other places (like my awesome library where I am now) have power, so I have not been totally "in the dark." Sigh.

Enough negativity, onto positivity!!

I'm loving that no tree branches fell on our house or on my car during the storm!

I'm loving that I got together with one of my bffs, Abby, for dinner yesterday in our college town. It was so weird to be back there, but I was so happy to see her!! This picture is of Kate, me, and Abby. Sadly Kate lives far away now so she could not join us for our deeeeeelicious dinner.
I'm loving that I found these super cute paper trays at Office Depot on clearance! They were originally $9.99 and I got them for $1.10 each!! I'm going to use them for "turn in" and "pass back" bins.
I'm loving that my bff Abby's mom is amazingly generous. She gave me a GIGANTIC (and I mean gigantic) box of videos for my classroom. I filled a huge plastic tub with them and there are still more! She also gave me a ton of scrapbooking supplies that I can use, too. A secret treasure in the scrapbooking supplies was a huge box of plastic page protectors! YAY! I need those to make worksheets into dry-erase activities.

I'm loving the Daily Five! I am just wrapping up my reading today and it is pretty amazing. I can't wait to implement it!!
I'm loving my new flip flops from Old Navy! I got some bright colors that make me happy. :)
And lastly, I'm loving my awesome boyfriend who helped keep me company during my power outage! We went out to eat, he let me shower and get clean at his house... he's the bomb.
What are you loving on this pretty Wednesday?

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