Monday, May 14, 2012

First and Second Graders in the Big City

I took twelve first and second graders to Chicago today.

I made it back alive!!! No one got lost, no one got hurt, no one even lost anything while we were there! I consider that a huge success. We had a lot of fun too.

Here we go...

6:36 - I'm driving to school. Please note that I am typically not even considering getting out of my bed at this time! However, I think I had some kind of adrenaline rush because I hopped right out of bed this morning!

We took a train that left before school starts. Everyone was there on time with their little brown bag lunches! I guess I told them enough times when to be there and what to bring. :) The train ride was interesting. Note to self - have a lot of conversations next time about expectations on a commuter train... before we go.

After our train ride, we walked a block or two up to the bus stop and took the bus up to the museum! They were pretty good on the bus because there was so much to see and take in.

Then we got to the museum! They scolded me for being late... but I took public transportation... I can't yell at the bus driver to go faster! :) We still made it to our awesome workshop, Habitat Explorers.

We explored three habitats, taking careful notes of each one. First we visited a prairie...
 Then a wetland...

 and a woodland!
The weather was BEAUTIFUL, sunny and 75ish!

Overall it was a good day! There were a few snags here and there but nothing that ruined the day by any means. And all of the kids said they had a FANTASTIC day and they couldn't even choose a favorite part. :) That makes all the craziness worth it.

Thank you, Target grant, for giving us this awesome opportunity!


  1. What a wonderful trip! Yay for Target!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip. So glad it went well.

  3. I'm glad your field trip was a success!! I really like the prairie picture, because everyone is hard at work :)


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