Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Gifts!

Do you get thank you gifts for your resource teachers?

I teach at a Catholic school, and our public school district sends over resource teachers for us. This year I have students who see a Title I reading interventionist and a speech-language pathologist.

I love both of them very much, but I especially appreciate our reading specialist. She just retired last year from teaching third grade for over 30 years! She is a fantastic teacher, super positive and helpful (especially since I'm only a first year teacher), and I really feel like she went above and beyond for the students in her care this year. She was only hired in January to work with our students, but she jumped right in and the kids made huge progress with our classroom reading instruction combined with her individualized instruction.

Anyway, to thank her for her dedication, my BTF and I threw together a fun little thank you gift that was inspired by Pinterest!
                                                         Source: therachelberryblog.com via Jill on Pinterest

And here is my interpretation!
I was sold as soon as I saw the zebra print towel! Love.


  1. I love this idea!! I definitely plan on thanking my resource teacher. She comes into my room for 40 minutes during reading and math and works with my intensive kids. I'm also a first year teacher, so she has been WONDERFUL in answering my million questions throughout the year :)
    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  2. What a sweet idea. I also teach at a catholic school but i am the interventionist. I would love to receive something like this or heck just a thank you! She is very lucky to work with you!

  3. I wish we had resource teachers to give gifts to! These are so cute I may just have to make them for my teammates! I appreciate all the ladies and gents that teach around me ;)

    Jessica Stanford


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