Friday, May 11, 2012

Rock Babies

Happy Friday!!!

Today was R Day, for Rocks Day! It was also a half day for Teacher Appreciation Week, so I was really scrambling to fit in some kind of rock activity into our super short day!

I decided to take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood in the hope that they could each find a rock to bring back to school. Some brought back 50. Some brought back 0. In the end, we each had a rock to clean and call our own.

I meant to have the kids paint and decorate the rock babies, a la Reagan, but we really only had time to glue on googly eyes. However, this TOTALLY made their day.

This one had a little sling!

The little smile on this one cracked me up!

And this fancy pants lady had a balloon hat with a flower on it!
They cradled their babies, they took them to lunch, and they read to them even when it wasn't sanctioned independent reading time! Note to self - study rocks next year!

I keep forgetting that I, like everyone else, was nominated for Most Fascinating Blog of 2012, haha. It was because of my Threaded Commenting post!
Accelerated Degree Programs
I guess I've really hit the big time now, haha!!

Have a good weekend! 


  1. I LOVE the rock in a sling! It's crazy how googly eyes make inanimate objects come to like! So cute! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  2. Super cute! I think this might be happening in our class sometime soon! Happy weekend!
    Mrs. Castro's Class 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style

  3. Those rock babies are precious. I like them without the paint. They are river rocks right? Or just someone's fancy rocks from the neighborhood?! :) I LOVE their cute little eyes! I like the smiling one too. Best personality I have ever seen on a rock!
    Thanks for the shout out!


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